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Accommodating monetary policy nghĩa là gì?

Accommodating monetary policy //

Chính sách tiền tệ điều tiết

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Định nghĩa từ saga.vn: Chính sách của hệ thống Dự trữ Liên Bang nhằm tăng lượng tiền có sẵn để cho vay ở các ngân hàng.

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Definition from lexicon.ft.com: When the monetary authorities of a country adopt a policy that boosts money supply and lowers interest rates as a means to stimulate economic activity. Also called a loose credit or easy money policy.

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Definition from investorwords.com: A central bank policy designed to stimulate economic growth by lowering short term interest rates, making money less expensive to borrow. also called loose credit or easy monetary policy. opposite of tight monetary policy.

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Definition from businessdictionary.com: Central Bank policy that seeks to stimulate economic growth by loosening money supply. An accommodative monetary policy is typically characterized by a succession of decreases in the Federal funds rate which makes money easier (cheaper) for business to borrow. See Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC); Federal Reserve. Compare to Tight Monetary Policy.

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