A Conversation Book 2. English in Everyday Life (3rd ed) by Tina Carver & Sandra Fotinos
Advanced Everyday English: Advanced Vocabulary, Phrasal Verbs, Idioms and Expressions by Collins Steven.
Asking Someone to Repeat Something
British and American English
Can You Speak the Over Telephone?
Clear Speech Student's Book with AudioCD
Common Errors in Englishe by Paul Brians*
Conversational American English
Easy Conversation от Mark Kulek_videos
Easy Talk-Современный американский в диалогах
Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 1,2
English for Everyday Activities. A Picture Process Dictionary by Zwier L.J
English for Restaurant Workers (SB + Audio)
How long does/did/will it take? Сколько времени это занимает/заняло/ займёт?
English for Travel by John Eastwood
Illustrated Everyday Idioms with Stories 1,2
Junior Comprehension (1-3)
Learn English. Your Guide to Everyday Conversation by Yogesh Kumar
Let's Talk About It - 1000 Questions for Conversation by Drayton Craig, Gibbon Mark.
Living English (+audio)
Listen and Say It Right in English by Nina Weintein (with built-in audio)
Macmillan Topics
Match And Order For Comprehension (Preschool)
On the Way to Fluent English
Other Ways to Say ...
Other Way to Say: Small, Walk, Kiss, Fast, Very Good, Interesting, I Think, Sad, Strange
Other Ways to Say "I'm Ready"
Practical Everyday English
Real English (5 books)
Situational Dialogues (Longman) +Audio
Speaking Naturally (+Audio) by Bruce Tillitt, Mary Newton Bruder
Spoken English worksheets
Talk About Travel, 2nd ed (+Audio)
Telephone English. John Hughes (+Audio)
to turn +age
Ways to Introduce Someone
Ways to Say Thank You