All-in-One Reading Passages
At Home with Sounds and Rhymes. Pre-School 3-5
Fun Early Readers Collection
Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read_Second Grade 1,2+Bonus Book
Learn to Read English Words by M.I. Mkrtchan
Let's Read English by Negnevitskaya E.I.
Reading Readiness. Workbook with Reward Stickers (Kindergarten-Grade 1)
SILENT LETTERS seeds4kids.com

How to Make a Mudpie_Learn to Read_(1A-1)
I See Colors_Learn to Read (1A-2)
I Am Special_Learn to Read_(1B-1)
I See Shapes_Learn to Read_(1B-2)
I Can Read / Buttons_Learn to Read (2A-1,2)
We Can Share at School / Our Pumkin_Learn to Read (2B) ]
How's the Weather / I Can Write_Learn to Read_(3A)
How Can I Help / I See Patterns_Learn to Read_(3B)
Pigs / See How It Grows_Learn to Read_(4A)
Mr Noisy Builds House /Barney Bear Gets Dressed_Learn to Read (4B)
Under the Sky / The Four Seasons_Learn to Read_(5A)
What Do We Need? / What Comes in Threes_Learn to Read_(5B)
Where Is Your Tooth / On the Go_Learn to Read_(7A)
Where Do Monsters Live? / We Can Eat the Plants_Learn to Read_(8A)
Rain / Whose Forest Is It? _Learn to Read_(9A)
The Bear Went Over the Mountain / What's Going On?_Learn to Read_(11A)
All through the Week with Cat and Dog/Who Lives Here_Learn to Read (13A)
Cat and Dog / I Can't Sleep_Learn to Read_(14A)
Families Share / Spiders, Spiders Everywhere!_Learn to Read_(14B)
Round and Round /The Giraffe made her laugh_Learn to Read_(15A)
Bears, Bears Everywhere / What's in My Pocket_Learn to Read_(17A)
City Mouse and Country Mouse / The Seed Song_Learn to Read_(19A)
Houses / Little Number Stories_Learn to Read_(22B)