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Board Games
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Grammar Games
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Word Games
20 Hands-On Activities for Learning Idioms (Grades 3-6)
22 Fun Activities For Kids*
30 Wonderful Word Family Games by Joan Novelli*
40 Sensational Sight Word Games Grade K 2 (Sholastic)
50 Things to do on a car journey_Usborne Activity Cards*
50 Quick-Play Grammar Games by Paul F. Johnson*
100 Games to Play on Holiday_Usborne Activity Cards
100+ Fun Ideas for Playground Games: 5-11 years
100+ Ideas for Children
101 Activities
101 Great Classroom Games by AlexisLudewig and Amy Swan, Ph.D.
101 Family Vacation Games by Varda Shando.
101 Pep Up Games for Children*
101 Quick - Thinking Games + Riddles for children
110 игр на уроках английского языка_Дж.Стайнберг
125 Brain Games for Babies
176 English Games for Children by Shelley Ann Vernon*
176 English Language Games for Children. Ages 6-12
500 Activities for the Primary Classroom
А Puzzling Story*
All New Crafts for Thanksgiving by Kathy Ross
Animal Riddles_Interactive Game
Animal Word Puzzles. Coloring book*
Art Projects That Dazzle & Delight (Grades 1, 2-3)
Beginners' Communication Games by Jill Hadfield (Longman)*
Books by Peter Watcyn-Jones: Have Fun with Vocabulary_Vocabulary Games and Activities 1 and 2*
Bounce and Jill
Circle Games
Communication Games pack by Jill Hadfield*
Cool Pool Games & 101 Quick-Thinking Games+Riddles
Crafts for Kids Who Are Learning About Farm Animals by Kathy Ross
Creative Kids Language Arts
Cut, Color, Trace and Paste by Sherrill B. Flora
Dot-to-dot. Fun book
Draw Then Write by Joy Evans_Grades 1-3
Easy English with Games and Activities by Lorenza Balzaret and Fosca Montagna (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 + audio)
Easy Games in English (1, 2)
English Games (лексические, грамматические, настольные)
English Games_Карлова Е.
English games. Лексические игры. Страны и путешествия_Морозова Д.
English with Games and Activities by Paul Carter
English with Games and Activities_Elementary Level
ESL Teacher's Activities Kit by Elisabeth Claire*
Fairy Tale Sequencing by Joy Evans
Find the Answer_V. Sternina
First Grade Scholar
'Follow Me' English Loop Card Games by Trish Callella
Fun and Games in English by Carla Chaves
Fun to Learn*
Fun with Reading (Grade K + Grade 1)
Play and Learn English by Hamadjan Sh.
Games for Children_Пособия для учителей (2)
Great Grammar Games
Guide to Game and Activities for 0-5 Year-Olds
Have Fun with Vocabulary_Vocabulary-Games and Activities 1,2 (3 books)
Hide and Seek (Super Simple Songs)
Hide And Seek First Words by Dawn Sirett
Jump for Joy! Over 375 creative movement activities for young children by Myra K.Thompson
Junior Mini Fun_Puzzles for Children of All Ages*
Kids' Big Book of Games*
Kid's Outdoor Parties by Penny Warner
КUZYA_English_Mazes Crosswords Puzzles*
Learning English Through Games (Изучай английский играя) Автор: Васильева Е.А.
Learning Fun! Preschool 1
Let's learn by Janet Dellosa_Preschool-K-Grade 1
Let's play in English. The Great Verb Game (ELi)
Look what you can make with egg cartons*
Making things from the paper
MONEY_IHave...Who Has Game. 42 cards
More Fun With English
More Games and Giggles
My Book of Alphabet Games_Kumon
My book of Rhyming Words Long Vowels_Kumon
My book of Simple Sentences_Kumon
My First Baby Games
My Five Senses
Numbers & Counting. File-Folder Games in Color (Grades PreK-K)
Oxford Activity Books for Children 1-6 by Clark Christopher
Party Games for Children
Play Games With English. Games, Puzzles and Quizzes for Practising Your English. Book 2_Grange Colin
Rhymes and Fingerplays for Babies

Play 4 life_Outdoor Play
Play Games
Playground Games by Tracy Nelson Maurer
Power Practice Word Games (Grades 2-3)
Project Kid: 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun
Role Plays for Today. Photocopiable Activities to Get Students Speaking_Anderson Jason.
Say and Play_Learn Together (Play-Learn-Discover)_3+
Scholastic Learning (11 books)
Search & Find. Moo, Quack, Roar and More!
Singing Grammar by Mark Hancock_Cambridge* (+audio)
Skill Builders for Young Learners. Alphabet & Phonics by Jennifer Kern
Skill Sharpeners Math (Grade 1) by Mary Rosenberg
Start with A: A Beginner's Guide to the Alphabet by A.M. Chabot
Terrific Topics. Winter (Grades Pre-K-1)
The Animated Hero Classics_Pocahontas_Resource & Activity Book
The Everything Kids Animal Puzzle & Activity Book
The Everything Kids Halloween Puzzles & Activity Book
The Everything Kids' Christmas Puzzle & Activity Book
The Everything Kids' Puzzle Book: Mazes, Word Games, Puzzles & More!
The Everything Kids Sharks Book by Kathi Wagner & Obe Wagner
The Complete Book of Arts & Crafts (The Complete Book Series) by American Education Publishing*
The Lucky Puppy (A Coloring Workbook)
Time For Dominoes English (ELi)
Toddler Play
Treasure Hunt For Boys
Vocabulary Games and Activities 1,2_ by Peter Watcyn-Jones
Vocabulary Tales & 25 Fun Ponics Plays for Beginning Readers by Pamela Chanko
Under the Sea
Usborne Playtime_I can cut and stick by Ray Gibson*
Useful grammar and vocabulary games
Word Play by Mary Rosenberg (Grade 1-2)
Word Puzzles and Games
Word Search Puzzles_My friends Tigger and Pooh_Level 1
Writing Games by Charles Hadfireld (Longman)*
Yes-No_Game for for 2-6 players ages 8 and up
Zoo Animal Mazes

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Games 3. Elementary VOCABULARY
Games 4. Intermediate VOCABULARY
Games 5. Elementary COMMUNICATION
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Elementary Grammar/Vocabulary Games